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No Frills 

No Frills theatre company... 

No Frills theatre company was originally formed in 2010, The reason No Frills was first formed was to break down stereotypical barriers within drama societies. We wanted to eradicate the bias, audition process that is prominent in many theatrical organisations. Instead, we strived to make a company that was open to everyone, regardless of who you were, if the talent was there we would take you as a member of our company and this mentality has carried right on through up until today. 

A strong belief that No Frills was founded upon, is that anyone of any age or background is capable of acting. With the right guidance, and direction anyone could give a true performance. The fact that acting is natural, something that is within ourselves is a key part to how we like to operate and produce our raw performances. 


The Company aspires to present theatrical ventures that take a simplistic, natural form. We believe that, the strength of the writing in a play makes a performance. It is not a necessity to have the fancy lights, extreme costume and elaborate sets when a piece has such powerful dialogue. Forget what you can see, on the stage and listen to the dialect; we guarantee to draw your attention away from everything surrounding you and capture your attention on the performance alone.      

Andrew Headshot.png

'Hello, I am the Artistic Director of No Frills Theatre Company. I have the desire to produce shows that are edgy and contemporary. Performances that will stimulate audiences and actors a like.


Contemporary drama is where we see our company heading. In the near future I am excited to push the company towards producing tours and venturing into the world famous fringe scene that the Uk has to offer'.   


- Andrew Hogarth, Artistic Director

  Our Team   

As a theatre company we are continuously evolving and changing, this is relevant with our team aswell. We always have new people working on different productions, this keeps our shows fresh. Including new directors, as well as new actors! We are a growing theatre company with some real talent within its ranks. Head on over to the gallery to see just a few of our current members. 

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