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We are, No Frills Theatre Company. A multi-award winning theatre company based in North Kent, striving to deliver stripped back theatre, with full blown impact. 

For years now we have been delivering raw performances without the glitz and the glamour; something that we feel can sometimes mask the true art of acting.


Our thought prevoking performances will capture your imagination and take you to a new world, often challenging your own viewpoints. Leaving you questioning certain Morales and beliefs that shape you as a person. 


  Upcoming  shows   
Elephant man

The Pipeline:


The Elephant Man  - (October 2019)


Ball Boys Preview - (February 2020)


Southern counties drama festival (Ball Boys)  -

(February 2020)


All My Sons, by Arthur miller - (May 2020) 

Brighton Fringe Festival - (May 2020) 

Tape Preview performances - (August 2020)


Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Tape) - (August 2020)

The Elephant Man - 

Book your tickets for 'THE ELEPHANT MAN' at...

Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 


Call the official Edinburgh Fringe  

BOX OFFICE: 0131 226 0000 

Or book online at, 

'Old news' ...


We previously put on three performances in a small, intimate venue to showcase our work, ahead of our debut venture up to the infamous, world renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 


We have some exciting news! We will be holding one final show. This one night event will give you the chance to see a new actor starring as the focal character, 'Lee Fenton' as well as a second chance to see some familiar faces. This performance will be just one week prior to the Fringe. 

The Fringe tickets are also available to buy now!

If you head over to our shows page you will be able to take the appropriate actions. We would love to see some familiar faces! 

Thank you for your ongoing support. 

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